The Rev. Donald P. Goodheart

The Rev. Donald P. Goodheart has led congregations from rural New Hampshire to Seattle, Washington in his 45 years of ordained ministry. Under his leadership St. Paul’s in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, grew to a membership of 2800, carried out a $14 million expansion of facilities, developed an Outreach Center, and started programs focused on spirituality and faith. A graduate of Stanford University and Yale Divinity School, he has taken on diocesan responsibilities and initiated ecumenical endeavors in every community where he has served. Since taking early retirement in 2007 he has done supply work, acted as chaplain on numerous cruise ships (including a 121-day world cruise), and returned to St. Paul’s Winston-Salem as Interim Rector in 2014. Also in 2014 he published an eBook on entitled The Eternal Mystery. He is also a part time Realtor with Palermo Real Estate Professionals. He and his wife Ronnie moved to Tampa in 2013 and joined St. John’s in 2015 where they participate in various classes and bible studies as well as Sunday worship. They have four children and eight grandchildren.