Lenten Series 2016

2016 Lenten Series:
Living Luke
The 2016 Lenten Series at St. John’s, Living Luke, will explore the gospel of Luke in depth and help us find ways to use it as a guide for our spiritual journey during Lent and all throughout the year. Participants will get the chance to study the book with the leadership of our clergy, turning it from a book of the Bible that we think of only on Sundays into a guide that changes how we live our daily lives.
The gospel of Luke and its companion volume, Acts, contain the most specific instructions of any of books of the Bible for how Christians are to live their lives after the death and resurrection of Jesus. The explicitly-stated purpose of both books is to bring assurance to early Christians, in part by reminding them that Christianity has strong links to the early Church. This lent legitimacy to the fledgling religion and supported early Christians’ faith, as it does ours today.
Luke reinforces the idea of Jesus as our divine example, while still calling Christians to use him as a model for our own lives. He emphasizes the work of the Spirit and the necessity of demonstrating mercy to the poor and downtrodden, while demanding detachment from material possessions and things of this world, all appropriate reminders during the season of Lent.
Each evening will include a light supper of soup, bread, and salad, served family-style, and dessert. Fellowship begins at 5:45 p.m. and the program will close with worship and end at 7:45 p.m. each week.
Evening Topics
February 24   True Self/False Self, led by Mother Alice Sadler
March 2          Forgiveness, led by Fr. Chip Connelly
March 9          Prayer, led by Miranda Harrison-Quillin
March 16        Living into the Incarnation, led by Hal Wiley