What is Focus on Faith?

Focus on Faith is a small group experience to learn more about the Episcopal Church and its beliefs. The program is designed to prepare adults for baptism, confirmation, reception, or reaffirmation of faith. It is also a time to connect with others on your Christian journey. The program is led by Mother Alice Sadler, Associate Rector,  joined by Father Connelly and Father Baker. If you are interested in joining Focus on Faith, contact Mother Alice at asadler@ or 813.397.1005.

Questions and Answers about Focus on Faith

Who is invited to Focus on Faith? 

  • Newcomers to St. John’s
  • Anyone considering adult baptism, confirmation, reception in the Episcopal Church or reaffirming one’s faith.
  • Anyone from another denomination wanting to know more about the Episcopal tradition
  • Anyone desiring to reconnect and go deeper into their spiritual life

Am I expected to make a commitment to join St. John’s at the end of the program?

No. Focus on Faith is a place to inquire and explore. You may join or transfer your membership if that is your desire after the class.

What if I am already baptized and confirmed?

In addition to preparation for adult baptism and confirmation, there are times in our lives when we wish to make a deeper commitment to God. Reaffirmation of faith is one way to do this.

How do I become a member of St. John’s?

To transfer your parish membership to St. John’s, contact Jan Elliot (813.397.1004 or email jelliott@

Do I need to attend every meeting?

As with any small group, each person gives and receives as a member of the group. Trust develops and deepens as group members share this journey. The group is diminished when everyone is not present. Having said that, life happens, and there may a week or two when you are not able to be present. In that case, please contact us so that food preparation may be adjusted. 

Is childcare available?       

Yes, you will be asked for this information when you call to register. A simple lunch will be served for the children.

Is there a fee for Focus on Faith?

There will be a donation basket each week to offset the cost of the lunches. The cost of the Spiritual Gifts book is $8.

Program Dates and Outline

February 7           One Journey, Many Paths

February 14          The Holy Bible

February 21          Baptism

February 28          The Holy Eucharist – Show & Tell

March 6               Music

March 13             History of the Episcopal Church

March 20             Palm Sunday – no class—preparation for Holy Week

Holy Week Services

March 27             Easter Sunday – no class

April 3                 Book of Common Prayer

April 10               Prayer

April 17               Spiritual Gifts Introduction

April 24               Women’s Retreat – no class

May 8                  Spiritual Gifts (Gifts, Personal Style and Passions)

May 15                Service

May 22                Visitation by +The Right Reverend Dabney Smith, Bishop of SW Florida for Baptism, Confirmation, or Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows

Weekly Schedule

12:20 p.m.       Light meal and check-in

12:45 p.m.       Presentation and discussion for the week

1:55 p.m.        Closing prayer and dismissal