Building and Grounds Committee Update: March 2023

From Paul Brokaw, Committee Chair: At the request of Fr. Wood, St. John’s now has an active Building and Grounds Committee. As reported at the Annual Meeting, we have a lot to do, but we have also completed a great deal to preserve our aging but beautiful facilities. I am pleased to serve as Chair with our team: Alvie Casey, Jr. Warden, Dallas Coffield, and Paul Carastro.  Both Paul and Dallas have been a huge help during the past year in completing a number of projects.

During calendar year 2022, projects completed were:

  • Rectory – Several minor repairs on the Rectory
  • Sprinkler System – The sprinkler system for the church was updated and improved. This was completed prior to the landscaping.
  • Landscaping – The landscaping around the church was completed, including new sod for the lawn. The area in front of the School classroom area and Discovery House have not yet been updated.
  • Bell Tower – The bell was removed from the bell tower and we were able to reopen the doors on the Morrison side of the church. Paul Carastro is coordinating with an engineering firm for a design to rebuild the interior of the bell tower and re-install the bell.
  • Discovery House – A new roof was installed in February 2023.
  • Mold Assessment and Removal Main Church (Nave) – We had a company assess the mold in the church to see if there was any toxins and there were none present. We had three companies assess the removal of the mold and we are waiting on a final bid for removal.
  • AEI – Architectural Engineering Inc. performed the inspection of our church buildings to determine where moisture was entering the buildings.
  • Review HVAC – We had an assessment of the HVAC (Climate Control) systems to determine what if anything needs to be updated or replace.
  • The House on Oregon was sold, and the proceeds were partially invested. A portions of the proceeds will be used to update Discovery House.

Projects that are in the works:

  • Tree trimming – There are two very large limbs that have grown over the courtyard that cause poor growth on the olive trees. Those need to be removed as well as the three trees in front of Discovery House (between the sidewalk and the street).
  • Roof Main Church – There is a roof leak at the back of the church which must be repaired.
  • Bell Tower – Repair / rebuild of the interior of bell tower and re-installation of the bell.
  • Discovery House – Foundation and pier renovation and repair with one additional support beam added and others replaced.
  • Discovery House – Electrical, plumbing, window refurbish or replacement, and structural / remodel. The goal is to improve Discovery House so a staff member will be able to live in the house.
  • Removal of the mold and painting of the Nave and Sanctuary.
  • HVAC Systems – Additional work is needed on our HVAC systems.
  • Courtyard / Chapel – Installation of new pavers in the chapel area. The goal is to have large pavers that can be removed, and ashes buried beneath the paver with the person’s name engraved on the paver.
  • 909 South Orleans – The back deck is seriously dilapidated on this house and must be replaced with pavers or a new deck.

The new Building and Grounds Committee is fully engaged in these projects and will work toward completion of the projects listed above.  Because our facilities are aging there will be additional repair needs.  Please keep the committee in your prayers as we move forward.