The Youth and Children Renovation Teams have been hard at work over the past several months. With the help of Ministry Architects, the groups created a mission statement, a statement of our core values when it comes to children and youth, and three-year revolving goals.

The three-year goals include activities and events to grow the numbers and satisfaction of our youth and children and their families, as well as of the volunteers involved in these ministries. But even beyond that, the plan also contains specific goals and measurable outcomes. A few examples include:
– Creating a yearly family retreat that will be attended by 40 families and 80 children
– Creating age-appropriate Sunday School classes for children, with weekly attendance of 90 children and 18 adult volunteers
– Achieving weekly Middle School youth group attendance of 40 Middle School youth on average, and 12 adult volunteers.

All goals include a three-year goal, as well as a one-year benchmark and clearly delineated next steps to be undertaken immediately. Click here for the entire report.