Paul Brokaw, Junior Warden (2022)

I am a lifelong Episcopalian and have been a member of St John’s since 1990.  I grew up in Kansas, I was educated in Kansas and moved to the Kansas City area after college.  While living in the Kansas City area, my wife and I were members of St. Michaels and All Angels parish in Mission Kansas for 15 years.  While attending St. Michaels I served as Acolyte Coordinator for those 15 years and also served on the Vestry.  While on the Vestry I also served as both Junior and Senior Warden.  While attending St. Michaels in Kansas I completed the Education For Ministry course, offered by the University of The South, then was an EFM Mentor at St. John’s in the early 1990’s. 

My family moved to Tampa from the Kansas City area in the summer of 1990 and joined St. John’s right away.  Since attending St. John’s, I have served as the Acolyte Master and have served on the Vestry.  While on the Vestry at St. John’s I also served as both Junior and Senior Warden.  While a member of St. John’s I have served on several special committees, have been involved in Discovery, was an early member of and leader of Fathers Ministry and serve as a Lay Eucharist Minister.

I have worked in the Automotive Aftermarket Parts Industry for over forty years.  I was General Manager for two parts distributions companies, one in Kansas City and one in Tampa, and I worked in product management, inventory management, sales and marketing while with these distribution companies.  I am currently Director of Program Development for an automotive parts buying and marketing group with headquarters in a suburb of Kansas City.

My wife Margaret and I have two adult daughters and are raising our grandson Darian, who lives with us.  He is in college at Florida Poly Tech.  My family attends the 9:15 am service regularly.