Music is an integral part of the life we share together here in St. John's Church. We are committed to worshipping God in a manner befitting his grandeur through liturgical and classical music.

Our choirs play a crucial role in directing our praises to God and lead us in the musical parts of the liturgy. They are a constant reminder that our gathering together for worship brings us into communion with all the saints, martyrs and angels who sing the praises of God in the heavens above. In the process, they learn the importance of teamwork, and respect for others. They learn to read music from many different periods from the ancient to the modern. They sing in many different languages, (including Latin, French and Germam), learn about the great composers, and about the liturgical seasons of the Church's Year.

For the children, opportunities exist for responsibility and leadership within the choir. Singing has shown to benefit attention span and concentration, which strenthens academic studies. Reading and language skills, rhythm, listening and teamwork all benefit from choral singing.

We invite you to join us any time for worship or one of our concerts. If you would like to be involved in our  program, you may be interested in joining our choir as a singer, volunteering time in the choir office, joining our support organization or becoming a "Friend of Music"  (contributors who make our continued growth a reality). Please call our Music Office at 813.397.1012.

St John's Episcopal Church is affiliated with England's Royal School of Church Music. In conjunction with this, there are a number of training levels along the RSCM scheme, but custom tailored to the needs of our parish program. Each level attained is signified by a colored ribbon and RSCM badge worn by the chorister.

Our Choir Guild members support the ministry of music in St. John's Church in numerous ways. Although the Guild is composed of many choir families, all interested members of the parish are warmly welcomed.

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“We have made our home at St. John's.  This is family. We are thankful for this amazing community.”